Creating breakthrough brands to accelerate growth

Creating breakthrough brands to accelerate growth

Creating breakthrough brands to accelerate growth

Standing out from the crowd in a bold, responsible and interesting way. Being respected, recognized and loved for challenging category and cultural norms.

Building a strong community and fanbase. Getting thousands of likes and comments on SoMe posts. Constantly receiving new suggestions for collaboration.

Drawing media attention. Making even the biggest competitors take notice.

This is what a breakthrough looks like, and that’s what you need to accelerate growth.

Accelerating growth is built upon a rapid increase in awareness, attractiveness and endorsement of your brand.

Creating the breakthrough brand is my focal point in helping you lead a successful and profitable transformation of your company.

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If your company is okay, and you want it to become outstanding.

Taking your company from Okay to Outstanding

I believe all companies can leap from okay to outstanding.


No matter how generic, you consider your company as being, it can become unique, highly recognized and accelerate growth.

However you need to shift focus from sustaining your current business model to unlocking your company’s true potential.

When you lead your company through the innovative lens of potential, the constant changes in technology, trends and markets translate into great business opportunities.

The change of focus will make you able to envision a future with way bigger, more diversified and profitable business activities.

You will also be naturally inspired to make your company just as differentiated and extraordinary as the potential is big.

Leaping from Okay to Outstanding simply starts with becoming a breakthrough brand, that stands out from the crowd in an attention grabbing and compelling way.

Strategic Liberation – Break Free

Step 1. Calculate the extrapolation risk

Escape the past. Stop trusting your success formula. Analyze your company's future competitiveness to calculate the extrapolation risk.

This will reveal the need for strategic transformation.

Step 2. Analyze the real performance

Look in the mirror. Analyze the real performance in your company. Embrace the truth. Remove the outcome bias.

This will reveal the need for improvements and new capabilities.


Strategic Imagination – Think Big

Step 3. Locate true potential

Open up to the future. Rethink the purpose of your company. Think big. Create a new vision for the next horizon. Locate your company’s true business potential.

This will trigger your motivation to invest in creating the breakthrough brand, that is able to unlock the full growth potential.

Step 4. Create unique identity

Think different. Think without fear of ridicule. Challenge all norms. Break boundaries. Change your game. Create the unique and integrative brand identity.

This is the beginning of creating a breakthrough brand, that stands out from the crowd in a bold, responsible and interesting way.


Strategic Differentiation – Stand Out

Step 5. Build brand equity

Stop following the herd. Stand out from the crowd. Disrupt the competition. Practice your purpose. Be bold but responsible. Nurture the fans. Be a loveable company. Build much more brand equity. Break through the clutter.

This is the foundation for accelerating growth and inspiring exploration of new business activities and -models.

Step 6. Innovate business model

Innovate the business model to deliver on your brand promise. Improve performance. Build new capabilities. Transform the culture to match the brand.

This will turn your value proposition into a truth proposition as a vital part of accelerating growth.


Strategic Transformation – Grow Fast

Step 7. Accelerate current business

Leverage the brand equity to grow fast. Build more capacity to harness the many profitable opportunities. Don’t become the scarce resource yourself. Onboard more and better leaders at all levels. Get out of the building. Take the shots. The breakthrough brand will make your dreams come true.

This will accelerate growth in the short term.

Step 8. Explore new business

Explore new business activities and -models. Nourish creativity. Let people go crazy. Accept failure. Fund the big ideas. Never stop starting up.

This will diversify your business, take growth to new heights, unlock the true potential of your company and make it absolutely outstanding.

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If you want to know, how to calculate the investment in strategic transformation.

How to calculate your investment in strategic transformation

All companies want a breakthrough brand and accelerating growth.


Not many are able to take on the creative challenges and willing to make the sacrifices, that is a natural part of standing out from the crowd and breaking through in the market.


The breakthrough brand is created out of the comfort zone. Standing out, being bold and game changing triggers fear of ridicule and risk aversity in most corporate leaders.
You can counter all these feelings by thinking of the alternative. Sustaining your strategy and extrapolating the business may feel secure in the short term. But it’s really just a slow way towards stagnation and a breakdown instead of a breakthrough.
Building differentiation also takes time, human resources and funding. There is an obvious time lag between cause and effect, when it comes to creating a breakthrough brand.


Strategic transformation really is a simple investment calculation


  • → Strategy process
  • → Redesign of brand identity
  • → Innovation of business platform
  • → New capabilities
  • → More management resources
  • → Increase in marketing budget


  • → Acceleration of growth based on existing products and services
  • → Innovation of future business activities and models

Do the math and get started. Now.

Henrik Hyldgaard
Stranden 4
6000 Kolding