Taking your
company from
Okay to Outstanding

Taking your company
from Okay to Outstanding

Taking your company
from Okay to Outstanding

I believe all companies can leap from Okay to Outstanding.

No matter how generic, you consider your company as being, it can become unique, highly recognized and accelerate growth.

However you need to shift focus from sustaining your current business model to unlocking your company’s true potential.

When you lead your company through the innovative lense of potential, the constant changes in technology, trends and markets translate into great business opportunities.

The change of focus will make you able to envision a future with way bigger, more diversified and profitable business activities.

You will also be naturally inspired to make your company just as differentiated and extraordinary as the potential is big.

Leaping from Okay to Outstanding simply starts with standing out from the crowd.

Study framework

If your company is okay, and you want it to become outstanding.

Okay to Outstanding

A step-by-step guide for unlocking true business potential


My framework has been iterated for almost ten years.

Following the steps has resulted in different levels of success for the companies I have worked with. Impact clearly depends on both the ability to invest in the transformation and leadership skills.

However, applying the framework is a guarantee for gaining vision and a clear orientation towards differentiation, change and growth.





Step 1. Embrace the truth

The truth of the company's future competitiveness and current real performance reveals the need for strategic transformation.


Step 2. Locate true potential

Awareness of the company's true business potential triggers a strong motivation to initiate and invest in the strategic transformation.


Step 3. Design unique DNA

Designing a unique corporate DNA (purpose, vision, mission and identity) is the catalyst for creating the differentiation and inspiring the innovation that can unlock the true business potential of the company.


Step 4. Improve performance

Performance must be improved to live up to the unique DNA, optimize current business and remove mental barriers to explore the business opportunities of the future.


Step 5. Innovate business model

The business model must be innovated so that it meets the unique DNA and can deliver the true business potential. 


Step 6. Create differentiation

Strong brand diffentiation is vital for accelerating the current business.


Step 7. Build new capabilities

Building new capabilities is the strongest driver for exploring new business opportunities.

Step 8. Exploit current business

The company must be led with a strong focus on leveraging the existing business platform without losing the ability to explore the business opportunities of the future.


Step 9. Explore new business

The company must be led with a strong focus on exploring the business opportunities of the future without losing the ability to leverage the current business platform.

See work process

If you want to know, how we design and prepare the transformation in practise.

24 weeks of game changing

This is how we design and prepare your company’s transformation from Okay to Outstanding


We work together for 24 intensive weeks.
The process includes alignment meetings with the board, workshop programs with the management team and an innovation day with the entire organization.
The end goal for the work process is very clear. We must fill out the blanks of the transformation canvas based on insights and inputs from all stakeholders in the company.
The transformation canvas represents the roadmap for leaping from Okay to Outstanding.




Week 1

Alignment of expectations with board and management team.

All key stakeholders must understand the need and dynamics of strategic transformation.

We discuss short-term vs long-term profit expectations, the kind of leadership that unlocks true business potential and game change capacity in the management team.


Week 3

Kick-off with organization.

All employees must feel excited to start strategic transformation instead of anxious about change.

We onboard the entire organization, motivate and demystify the transformation process. We also hold the burning ambition session where all employees have the opportunity to outline the company's fabulous future.


Week 6

Workshop # 1: Start with the future
We create the future market hypothesis, estimate our extrapolation risk and locate the waves of change to surf.

We build strong motivation and commitment to the transformation process in the management team.


Week 8

Workshop # 2: Embrace the truth
We paint the real picture of our current performance and strategic situation.
We establish a solid understanding of our true starting point, what to improve and what to leverage.


Week 12

Workshop # 3: Locate true potential
We rethink, redefine and reframe the vital parts of our business.
We challenge our current success formula, self-understanding and constraints.
We locate our true business potential as the guiding star for the strategic transformation.


Week 16

Workshop # 4: Design the unique DNA
We clarify the gap between our current DNA and our true business potential.
We redesign our purpose, vision, mission and identity to be exactly as unique as our business potential is big.


Week 20

Workshop # 5: Redesign the business platform
We clarify the gap between our current business platform and our true business potential.
Inspired by our unique DNA, we begin to redesign our business model, brand, culture and leadership.


Week 22

Workshop # 6: Create growth strategy
We convert the understanding of our true business potential and the redesign of the business platform into a long-term growth strategy.

We define our burning ambition, growth areas and crucial strategic initiatives spread over several time horizons.


Week 24

Workshop # 7: Preparing implementation
We define must-win battles, financial goals, kpi’s and action plans for the coming fiscal year.

We define the management efforts needed to ensure optimal implementation and execution of the strategic transformation.
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